Free Fire India Championship 2020 Fall League Day 4 overall standings!

Free Fire India Championship 2020 has finished up its fourth day of the League Stage effectively. In contrast to the earlier week, the primary day of this current week wasn’t overwhelmed by a solitary group. All the top picks thought of an extraordinary presentation on the first day of the season of Week 2.

Day 4 match standings

Group KS won the first round of the day. In spite of the fact that the group couldn’t exploit the energy they picked up in the first round, they have figured out how to make sure about the eighth spot on the focuses table. The group has an aggregate of 80 focuses up until now, including 44 slaughter focuses.

Group United Nepal won the second round of the day. With just 28 slaughter focuses, the group has figured out how to hold the fourth spot on the focuses table.

The third and sixth round of the day were won by Team Old Skool. The group finished its Week 1’s excursion with three continuous triumphs, and has now made a wonderful rebound this week. Old Skool is right now at the second situation on the focuses table with 68 kill focuses and 140 absolute focuses.

The fourth round of the day was won by Team Income Tax. With this success and a moderate play on Day 4, the group is set sixth with 84 focuses. Because of their low execute scores, the group is continually under the danger of being surpassed by Soar Silently.

The fifth round of the day was won by “The Mutantzz.” Despite having the most reduced position focuses among the main 10 groups, “The Mutantzz” has held the fifth spot on the focuses table. With 34 situation focuses and 58 execute focuses, the group is sitting at the fifth situation with 92 focuses.

Free Fire India Championship 2020 Fall League Stage Day 4 match standings

  • #1 Sixth sense – 161 points
  • #2 Old skool – 140 points
  • #3 Team crx elite – 135 points
  • #4 United Nepal -97 points
  • #5 The Mutantzz – 92 points
  • #6 Incometax -84 points
  • #7 Soar Silently – 84 points
  • #8 Team KS -80 points
  • #9 Team Lava – 74 points
  • #10 Route Changers – 71 points
  • #11 UG Empire – 49 points
  • #12 The Doctors – 35 points




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