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The Book “Ramzan ka Fazail wo Masail ” were written by the Mufti abdur Raoof. The main topic of this book is the following
• Rewards of Ramzan
• Prays of angles
• Fazaile Ramzan
• Masaile Ramzan
• Ramzan ka badla
• Tarawekh ka Fazail
• Rozay ka Fazail
• Tarawekh ka masail
• Rewards of Ramzan
• Eid ka Fazail
• Eid ka Masail
• Taraweeh ki Fazilat aur masail
• Quran ke talawat rozay
• Ramzan ke duway
• Aftare ka fazail
• sheri ka fazail wo masail
• Itikaaf ka fazail
• Itikaaf ka masail
• Fazilat Ramzan Urdu two books
• Nafil roza ka fazail
• Nafil roaza ka masail
The Second Book “Hadya Ramzaan” was written by the Hazrat Molana Muftii Sofyan Boland Sahib.
More than a billion Muslims around everywhere the globe marked the beginning of Ramzan on a weekday, embarking on a month of abstinence and prayer to commemorate the divine revelations received by Islam’s Prophet Muhammed (PBUH).
What is Ramzan In Islam?
Ramzan is that the ninth and holiest month within the Islamic calendar, marked by Muslims as a month of piousness, charity, and economy.
Observing the Ramzan is one in every one of the 5 pillars of the Islamic religion, aboard the profession of religion, the 5 daily prayers, the giving of charity and therefore the pilgrim’s journey to Makkah.
How is it observed?
During the twenty-nine or thirty days of Ramzan, observant Muslims abstain from feeding, drinking, smoking, and sex between sunrise and sunset.
The quick is seen as a non-secular struggle against the temptations of earthlike pleasures.
It is conjointly an opportunity to renew family and social bonds. Families gather at the hour for iftar, the breaking of the quick, whereas several mosques serve free communal meals to the poor.
After the quick, several Muslims gather at mosques for special Ramzan prayers referred to as Tarawih.
The non-secular climax of the month is Layla Al-Qadir (the night of power), that commemorates the instant the angel Gabriel initially perceived to Prophet prophet (peace be upon him) and commenced revealing the holy religious text.
The final day of Ramzan, Eid al-Fitr (the pageant of fast-breaking), could be a major family event marked by banqueting and celebration.
Who is needed to fast?
The quick is taken into account obligatory for all Muslims over the age of the time of life. though youngsters are exempt, folks are inspired to bit by bit get them accustomed it.
Pregnant or breastfeeding girls, the sick, travelers and fighters are allowed to delay their quick, however, should resume it as before long as they need the possibility.
Ramzan is notably arduous this year for several Muslims within the hemisphere, coming back in summer with its long days and hot temperatures across abundant of the Muslim world.
How is that the date set for the beginning of Ramzan?
Ramzan is that the ninth month of Islam’s Hijra calendar, a satellite system that sets the dates for Islamic spiritual festivals.
The hijra calendar has eleven days fewer than the star solar calendar, which means that the beginning of Ramzan shifts back per annum.
The beginning of the quick is declared once the primary quarter of the phase of the moon is visible with the Oculus. spiritual students meet per annum to work out the precise date, which might vary from country to country.
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