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TUTUAPP APK: There are millions of applications to download for Android users but users access to all those applications are not free. Here we will discuss the download process of TuTuApp APK for Android which allows users to download all paid apps and games from the app store at free of cost. Yes its true that TuTu app provides free apps, games and many other software tools for free. The apps available in these applications are premium and paid for in other app stores like Google Play Store.
TuTuApp APK is a Chinese application and is available in Chinese version. But now with Google translator user can translate the content into his desired language with TuTu App. So now user can download TuTu App for Android Apk very easily. So anyone who has an Android smartphone and want to download TuTu App then this article will guide you.

Download TuTu App for Android- TuTu APK Android

The Tutu App is otherwise known as Tutu helper.  Previously this app was known as a bunny assistant that helps you in easily accessing any of the applications on your smart device. A version of TuTu is available at free of cost also. The user can get many apps as well games on TuTu apps those are not available directly for the users. This app is not only limited to apps and games. This is also available for applications like chatting apps, launchers and other applications.
For most of the Android devices, TuTu App is the latest third-party App Store. It is somehow similar to that of Google Play Store but the only difference is that it does not require any Gmail login credentials. TuTu App is available in the English language for iOS users. But for Android users, it is not available directly with an English version.

Features of TuTu APK for Android Phones

TuTu App has certain important features that will make it easy for you to use it further.
  • TuTu App is absolutely free to download. You can download large size games and applications at a very high speed
  • Users can download Tutu App APK latest version directly
  • In order to install TuTu app on your Android device, you need not to root your device
  • Here you will find millions of applications to use
  • TuTu app is packed with millions of new games and apps with easy and user-friendly UI
  • User can easily delete this app in case they don’t like to keep in on their phone or want to reinstall it
  • No login credentials like username, passwords etc are required to use this app

Download TuTu Apk for Android

TuTu App is usually not available on Google Play Store. So if you need to download it then you have to take the help of APK file. On its official website, TuTu Apk App files are available for Android phones. So you can directly download it from the official link but make sure that it accepts the unknown sources. So before starting the download process enable the unknown sources. Here is the detail process to download TuTuApp Apk for Android.
  • First of all, follow Settings-> Security -> Unknown Sources and enable the unknown sources
  • After this, you can also easily download TuTuApp Apk for Android device
  • Once the application is downloaded completely, start the installation process
  • When the installation completes, a notification will come that the app is available on your Android device
  • Now with just clicking on the app icon, you can enjoy your device with TuTu app Apk
Are you people looking at the ways that download TuTuApp APK for Android mobiles. Here, we will share some of the useful details about the TuTuApp like usage and features. We will also lead you to download the TuTuApp on your Android mobiles. So keep reading this article until it ends.
The Android market is overwhelmed by the thousands of new applications. Some are very highly recommended, and some are useless. Some apps are available in the Play store and some apps available from other third-party sources like TutuApp APK V2.3.18 for Android Devices. It is also one of the latest apps that are only available on the alternative sources.
The TuTu application is viral among the Pokemon Go players because the app allowed the Pokemon Go players to download the game related paid apps such as Poke sniper for free. Such type of applications could boost the gaming experience. Making the application to the readers even more transparent. Here we can share some of the features of the TuTu APK.

Download TutuApp APK V2.3.18 for Android Devices

download TuTuApp

The TuTu application is just like the app store on your smartphones. It mostly available on the iOS and Android versions. The iOS versions of the app are called as the TuTuApp VIP. It also contains the most of the paid apps on Google Play store for free. It goes hack is also possible by using this application.
The present version of the app is TutuApp APK version 2.3.18 for Android Devices, and you can download this by using the 6MB data. It works on all the android versions like a lollipop, KitKat, marshmallow, android oreo, nougat. One of the great feature having is the rooting not necessary to run the application.
I know you are very eagerly waiting for to download the application for your device. So here I am just providing the steps to download the TutuApp APK version 2.3.18 for Android Devices for Android. If you are a gamer that you must check for the Pokemon Hack using the TuTu. To get the Pokemon go hack version also. It will work 100%.

Features of TuTuApp Apk application

  • Using this application any of the users can download the app and have a fun of the paid apps for free from Google Play Store.
  • Outside of the play store, they are so many applications available on the official site. Most of those apps are premium. Using the TuTu, you can make available for free.
  • It provides all kinds of apps on the official app store for free. For example Pokemon Go.
  • It also provides the apps with unlocked in the purchases for free.
  • Does not require any root access on the Android devices.
  • You can get the several methods to download the TuTu Apk.
  • Having the Built-in cache and memory cleaners.


  • It is the smoother and attractive user interface with the secure navigation service.
  • You can also get the file explorer feature, and you can manage the files on your device and transfer the required data to the other devices.
  • A Toolbox is also accessible from the TuTuApp application that is very strong in maintaining the connectivities like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
  • TuTuApp works conveniently for both the iOS and Android devices.
  • The helper also helps to purchase the app items from any the app without any the payment.
  • The android mobiles also do not need to root access to use the app facilities.

Steps to Download the TuTuApp Apk on Android Devices

Muzhiwan APK

  • Open the default browser on your device.
  • Open the official website of the TuTu latest version 2.3.18 app and download it.
  • After downloading the file let leave for some time to install and access your device.
  • It will take some time to do with this process.
  • After installing open the file and run it on your device.
  • You have to click ok on the permissions of the app.
  • Then you can make available to download the app on your devices.

Download TuTu Helper for iOS – Install on iPhone/iPad

As we know that, we cannot install all the applications on the iOS devices easily. To download any other apps that are not present in the AppStore, you may need to jailbreak the device.
But as of now, you no need to jailbreak the device to download any apps on your iPhone or iPad. On today’s article, we provide the process on How to Download TuTu Helper Apk for iOS Devices quickly. This app helps you to download all the paid apps for free on your iOS device. 
This application helps the users to use the app in their interest on their devices without causing any trouble to them. That is the reason we are providing the information of TUTU Helper to install all the applications for free on the devices. 

What is TuTu Helper – Uses of TuTu Helper for iOS

Tutu-Helper is an App that allows you to download and install various apps with features that Apple don’t allow you to have their basic iOS apps. Initially, the TutuApp used to provide services to the Chinese people as the developers are from China but due to its popularity developers redesigned the app in English for worldwide users. Now you can get the Tutu Helper and its uses for your iOS device.
Therefore, download the Tutu-Helper for iOS to get paid apps for free on iPhone, iPad without Jailbreaking. You can also get the features that are provided by the app in the below section. Moreover, the steps to download the app is also mentioned in the below sections. So, go through the article to have a complete guide on the TuTuApp. 

Features of TuTu Helper APP – Download Latest Version of TuTu Helper

Here we provide you the best features that are supported by the TuTu Helper to download on iPhone/iPad. The major feature of the TuTu Apk is, you can use the app without the need of any jailbreak of the iOS device. Moreover, it supports all the versions of the iOS devices. Below are the other features, so have a look at them. 
  • It is one of the easiest apps to install on the iOS devices.
  • This app also works without any Wi-Fi connection.  
  • TuTuApp Apk is available in different languages for the user convenience.
  • Moreover, you can quickly remove this application without any jailbreak of the device. 
  • Due to the UI stability in the app, it is simple to operate and navigate. 
  • The app is compatible with both the iOS and Android devices of all the versions. 
  • Also, there is some free apps and games of latest versions for all the users to access. 
  • And the installation of the TuTu Helper can be done in just a few clicks. 
  • Furthermore, this app store provides you some extra features like cache clean up, data transfer and other feasible services.

How to Download and Install TuTu Helper App On iOS Devices

The download process for TuTuApp Apk is so simple when compared to other apps. You can get the app on your device just in few clicks. So, follow the below instructions to install the TuTu App on your iPhone or iPad or other iOS devices. 
  • First, you have to open the official site of the TutuApp by clicking on this link Download TuTu-Helper or paste it into your browser. 
  • Then, you will receive a pop-up message that asks you to open the page in the AppStore.  Now, choose the cancel option and proceed further. 
  • After that, scroll down the screen, and you can find a rectangular Green color button just tap on that button. 
  • Next, you would see the installation option but in the Chinese language. Then again you have to select the green color button there, and the app starts installing on the device. 
  • After the successful installation of the app, open settings option on the mobile to make some changes in the settings. 
  • Then go to the Settings ->> General Settings ->> Device Manager ->> Profiles. In the profile option, click on the menu and you can see the list of all apps, and now you can see the TuTu helper download app. 
  • Tap on the app, then a pop-up message appears on the screen asking you whether will you trust the application or not. 
  • Then choose the option Trust and go to the iOS device home screen and restart it.
  • Finally, now you can find the TuTu Helper Application icon on your screen after the restart of your iOS device. 

Download TutuApp Apk Latest Version For iOS

TuTuApp is just a replica of the Google PlayStore and iOS AppStore. By downloading the TuTuApp Apk, you can download any paid apps for free. Even you can get the apps that are not present in the PlayStore or AppStore. So, the article is about How to Get the TuTu App Apk Latest version of iOS Devices. Therefore, you will get the complete information and guidance on the features and the downloading process of TuTuApp Apk on iPhone/iPad/Mac etc. 
Moreover, this TuTuApp Apk is also available for the Android and TuTuApp for PC. You cannot download the TuTuApp Apk from the iOS AppStore as it is not available there. And also TutuApp for iPhone, iPad, iPod is also not available on iTunes Store. Those who want the TutuApp Android app then they have to download TuTuApp APK and can install the app on the device. 

  Features of TuTuApp Apk of Latest Version for iOS

Whenever you want to download any of the premium applications from the PlayStore, then you have to make a payment to download a particular app. But, in case of TuTuApp APK, you no need to pay anything, you can simply install the apps for free. It is one of the best features which makes it more popular among the mobile users.
The developers of TuTuApp Apk will update the app regularly and also add the new features and removes the bugs in it. Coming to the features supported by it, the features are awesome in it. Below are the some of the best features of the TuTuApp:
  • The best feature of this TuTuApp Apk provides all the games and games for free on the Google PlayStore.
  • The app size is small so that much memory is required to download the app.
  • It has its own cleaner app like other cleaner applications.
  • Moreover, it can improve the device performance just cleaning the unnecessary data, removing unused data, clearing memory etc.
  • TuTu App also supports the Wi-Fi transfer feature like the Xender app. You can also transfer any files from the iOS device to any Android mobile or from the Android device to iOS, Android to Android transfer completes very fast. 
  • You no need to login with Google PlayStore or Apple ID.
  • TuTu VIP App also supports some of the useful tools that are used to manage the contacts, time and date, etc.

 Download and Install TutuApp Apk for iOS Devices – Free Download

The TuTuApp for iOS is nothing but an app store that allows the users to download the applications for free of cost. This application performs same on the iOS devices as on the Android mobiles. But, the difference comes in the downloading process. It is different for the Android and the iOS. You cannot download the application directly as it is unavailable in the AppStore. You can follow the below mentioned steps to get the TutuApp on your iOS device.

Downloading Steps:

  • First, you have to open the browser on the iOS device and then open the official site of TuTuApp at www.tutuapp.com
  • Then a new page will open in the Chinese language. So, you need to translate the page into the browser settings.
  • After the completion of the translation, you can see three different options to download the app. Then tap on the middle icon to download the iOS device.
  • Now the installation process will start and the application gets installed on the device.
  • As you do the enabling of the trust option in the Android mobiles, in the same way, you have to do it on the iOS device.
    • Go to the Settings option on the device.
    • Then go to the  General Settings.
    • Under the Profiles option, you can select the“TuTuApp” and tap trust.
  • Now you can get the access to the application without any error.
Moreover, you may download the applications that are not available on the AppStore. All the premium applications are available for free on TutuApp.


TutuApp APK Download

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