You TV Player Pro 8.8 APK Free Download – Latest Update!

You TV Player Pro 8.8 APK Free Download – Latest Update!

You TV Player Pro 8.8 APK : There are many resources online that helps you watch television shows and latest movies online, in case you miss to keep track on them the first time the latest episode of your favorite TV shows air or the latest movie release in the theaters.

If you are one among those who find it difficult to always keep on track on all the latest TV shows and movies, you may already be familiar with a couple of applications available such as YouTube, which will help you watch all the latest videos and episodes of all the newest and latest TV shows out there.

If the application that you are currently using is not satisfying your needs and if you want a very easy stream where you can access the latest episodes of all popular television shows and latest movies out there without facing any issues of purchases or advertisements that may hinder your viewing experience, then today we are here with a solution for you.

You TV Player Pro 8.8 APK Free Download – Latest Update!

The application that we are going to introduce today is call the YouTV Player application that is available for Android. YouTV Player application is a latest video streaming application that lets you stream HD prints of the latest TV show episodes and movies, all for free without any cost.

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The best part of the YouTV Player application that makes it unique from similar video streaming applications for Android found out there is that, the YouTV Player is quite user friendly and has all the latest content that is update constantly, so that you get all the latest content as soon as they get aired.

Also, the You TV Player application supports almost every other popular Television channels out there, which means you can easily find almost all the popular TV shows that are aired across any international channels and get the latest content from these TV shows as well.

Download You TV Player Pro 8.8 Version

There are a wide range of entertainment channels as well that span from very popular channels such as Cartoon Network and Nick even to channels that are music and cinema specific as well.

Yet another user friendly feature of the You TV Player application is that it also lets you watch videos that are store in the local storage of your device from within the app. If you have personal videos stored in your device and wants to protect them from unauthorized access, the You TV Player application has even got that cover as the application also lets you password protect all the video content from within the application as well.

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The application also lets you receive push notifications when a latest episode of any of your favorite TV show gets update in the YouTV Player and the push notification settings are also user friendly as they are customization according to the specific needs of each user.

The developers of the You TV Player application has made sure that the application does not look or feel boring as the other similar video streaming applications available across platforms as they have also introduced a social media platform that helps you connect with people of similar interests as your’s for video viewing or even identify new series and shows.

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Any other application for Android with similar features and user friendly customization options would take up a big chunk of storage space of your Android device. However, the You TV Player for Android wins in this by just being around 25 MB overall in size and hence not affecting the internal storage space of your Android device and not requiring you to delete any Android applications in order to download and install the YouTV Player application for Android on your Android device.

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The only disadvantage of the YouTV Player being that it is only currently available for the Android operating system and not for the iOS operating system. However, if you wish to run the YouTV Player application on your PC, then you can do the same by downloading and installing the BlueStacks Android Emulator application that will help Android applications run on your PC without any issues.

If you are seriously waiting for the iOS version of the You TV Player application, then subscribe to us and stay tuned as we will keep you updated as soon as the latest YouTV Player for iOS version gets announced and released.

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